Our Core Values

Core Values

Early Church Protocol

Early Church Protocol is the continuation of the pattern of Worship, Word and Work established by the Holy Ghost, the Apostles and the believers in the first church-Acts 2:40-47.

Church Etiquette

Church Etiquette is a set of principles of conduct, when applied, is good for the building of a healthy small group and congregation where believers can get to know Christ, each other and learn to live prosperously.

God’s Word and Truth

God’s word is the absolute truth and governs all matters of life and the ministries of this church. God’s Word is the final authority!

Love and Forgiveness

Love is what we owe God and we exhibit that love by forgiving one another.

Faithfulness and Commitment

Faithfully offering our gifts and talents to this ministry is our commitment to the fulfillment of our roles and assignments in the kingdom of God.

Trust and Obedience

As we serve obediently the kingdom with our gifts and talents, trust can never be violated because we trust in God not man.

Patience and Listening

We patiently listen to our father and to one another in an effort to properly respond to all information; good or bad.

This set of values we believe will assist you when practiced daily in helping to create a loving, free and productive worship environment and qualitative lifestyle while here on earth but also obtain a good report at judgment.

To the elders I say…Be shepherds of God’s flock, serving as overseers” 1 Peter 5:1-2

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